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Why Do You Need to Run Hard Drive Speed Test on Mac
  1. Preparing the Disk
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  3. What is the SSD I/O speed as benchmarked by Black Magic disk test?
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Your external hard disks and flash drives might have multiple factors affecting their performance which should be monitored closely. The single most important thing you should do is ensure you are using USB 3. Newer technologies such as UASP are coming out often that squeeze out every last ounce of performance out of your external storage devices.

Why Should You Benchmark Test Your Mac?

What are sequential speeds? This is the best performance you should expect from your disk. What are random access speeds? These speeds are what you would expect when working with complex programs that deal with a lot of files.

Preparing the Disk

Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard and right-click the target disk. Choose Surface Test option.


Step 2. In the Surface Test window, you can just click Start Now and this program will scan the hard drive immediately. Step 3. After the disk testing, it will show if your hard drive has some bad sectors. If so, it will be marked red, if not, it will be marked green.

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If your hard drive has some bad sectors, you can use some professional software to bypass bad sectors, or send it to professional disk repair stores. If nothing helps, you can change a new drive.

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Recommended reading: How to recover lost data from a broken hard drive. In case the hard drive is filled up, you may clean up some unnecessary files to free up some storage space. Check how to easily check which files occupy large amount of space on your hard drive and choose to delete them with MiniTool Partition Wizard space analyzer function below. Double-click MiniTool Partition Wizard software icon on screen to enter into its main interface.

Click Space Analyzer function.

Then choose a drive and click Scan. The folders are listed in descending order. A fragmented hard drive may also be slow. Huge amount of fragmented files will slow down the hard drive read and transfer speed a lot. To defragment hard drive in Windows 10 can pull the scattered pieces of a file into single data block. Therefore, it can reduce the data access time on a hard drive.

What is the SSD I/O speed as benchmarked by Black Magic disk test?

You can also extend the operating system partition on the hard drive to boost the computer speed. When choosing a hard drive, RPM is an important factor. RPM is short for revolutions per minute.

This parameter of hard drive indicates the rotational speeds of hard disk platters. Most desktop computer hard drives equip RPM. It is the first recommended free hard drive speed test software. Buy Now. This free and open-source hard disk benchmark software is commonly used for testing SSD speed. You can use this tool to test Solid State Drives speed.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test free download for Mac | MacUpdate

You can use it to carry out several specific tests to test sequential or random read and write speed of the SSD. HD Tach is free disk benchmark software for Windows. You can use it to test the sequential read, random access speed of the connected storage devices.