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Licensing issues may prevent them from giving away the software. Making it open source is often simply not an option; proprietary software often builds on proprietary libraries — or was simply never intended to be developed in an open environment.

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Assets may have been otherwise liquidated — as in, possibly sold to another developer. The light of hope here, as noted in comments: sound designers were already working on Alchemy 2, meaning a new developer may take over the new synth. The software business is tough — plain and simple.

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But I know the numbers are very often right on the edge. And we have to remember that supporting those developers we love is what keeps them in business. Some day, they simply might not be there any more.

Peter Kirn - January 8, Add comment. I think the company was sold and it is not available. ShyNee , Oct 10, Taurean , ChameleonMusic , Vazion and 13 others like this. ChewyJetpack Applicator of Leng. ChewyJetpack , Oct 10, Oct 11, Mac version anywhere?

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InsideMan , Oct 11, Awesome cheers bro. Jimmy Crack. Jimmy Crack , Oct 11, Oct 13, Finally a 64 bit mac version!!

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