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Hopefully you are not going to tell us that even though you use Time Machine to backup your MacBook Pro, the data on the important data partition was never included in the Time Machine backup. I just got into the habit of storing stuff on the HD My bad. Oh yes, what was the purpose of connecting the HD to the TV?

I've become addicted to "The Walking Dead". Season 2 was stored on my HD. Seemed like a good idea at the time Thanks very much and I'll get back to you after I've tried to repair it. Cheers, D. Does this make a difference to my options? Says to back up sigh and restore. I don't care about the cost of Disk Warrior, but would it help in this situation? Thanks again.

Backup Plus Portable Drives for Mac

I should point out that the data part has lots of work stuff that I need The plot thickens Hi all, I have a similar problem. I am a new Mac user. I have an Imation Apollo external hard drive that I have been using as a backup and I would like to transfer files from it onto my new MacBook Pro. The external HD works fine in my Toshiba laptop but won't show up on my Mac at all. I can't find it in the finder or the disk utility. Any ideas why not?

Do I need to format the disk for Mac? Thanks for your help in advance. Here is a suggestion. COPY all the files that are on that drive into a new folder on the Toshiba laptop. Using Copy here to avoid any possible problems Once all have been transferred, use the Toshiba to format the drive as FAT This will remove all data from the drive. This includes any proprietary software that may have come with it. Once formatted, connect it to the Mac and see if it appears on the Desktop. If it does, disconnect and go back to the Toshiba. Copy all the files that you want to transfer to the Mac, back onto the drive.

Connect the drive to the Mac and copy the files off the drive onto the Mac. Formatting that drive will destroy ALL the data it contains. Thanks for your help. I will try this and get back to you. I am new to this forum and posted in this thread. Later I was not sure if this was the right place for my question as I realized this was the desktop forum.

I also had trouble finding my original post as I hadn't subscribed to this thread. I have done so now. It was an honest mistake.

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I am not a regular forum user and apologize if I have offended anyone. I will try and keep you posted. Something else you might want to check before you go formatting. Click on an empty space on your desktop so that the word next to the Apple, at the top left of the screen, says Finder.

Click on the word Finder and select Preferences. Under General, make sure that there is a check mark next to External Disks.

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Under Sidebar, repeat the above. Don't worry about it. Problem solved, I threw away the Imation and bought a Western Digital. All good now. Only the very best internal SSDs now offer consumer 5-year and professional year warranties , though notably with much less storage space than the drives covered in this article.

Cool features included with all Backup Plus for Mac portable drives

Go with a G-Drive if you need a large reliable drive, or T1 if you want something small and reliable. The first two use 3. Both use USB 3. Pick the one that appeals to your personal taste. That said, USB 3. Go with the one that best suits your needs. How do I change the target destination for the backup?

What command line would work?

Backup Plus Portable Drives for Mac: Portable & External Hard Drives | Seagate US

November 4, at 3: I cannot get this to work. I get to the terminal and enter the name of my ext HD and file name but no symbolic link is created. Any ideas?

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I have tried at least 10 times! Any suggestions?

I manage to create the backup that link to my external hard drive, but while backing up, itunes prompted backup corrupted. Hi, i really need help. Please help! You rock! It sucks that Apple forces their selling of mew services and hardware by creating these difficulties on things as simple as choosing where to save you F backup! Hi Guys. This will make your life a lot easier. All you need is an app called iMazing. You can back up through it and change location to where you want your phone to be backed up to. Very easy. Trust me. Once I opened up the permissions and restarted, the backup happened easily.

Hi everyone. There is some instructions missing from the admin post. If you have passwords enabled on your system the instruction above will not work until you give permissions to everyone on the external disk settings to read and write and disable require password on screen saver and lock screen. Your statement is incorrect, you can use either disk encryption, or you can encrypt the iPhone backup, it does not matter which.

In fact, you should absolutely encrypt your iPhone backups always, even if you back them up to the external disk as discussed. Therefore the only backup solution for iPhone is to use iTunes, encrypted, on an external hard drive. This is a common behavior and will continue to be until Apple eventually if ever starts shipping hard drives that have reasonable disk space. Thank you for this informative how to guide. In this guide you move your backups from the internal drive to the external drive. I would like to keep my backups I have multiple devices on my internal hard drive but start backing up to my external hard drive new backups from this point forward to my external hard drive.

So, could I just skip the step in copying my old backups to my external drive and simply change the name of the destination in terminal? I followed all of the steps according to the article. A couple of notes: Hey Justin, I think I found your issue: Repeat the command with proper syntax. For future reference, almost all command line tools are done using lowercase letters.

You need not always specify two different paths. All you have to do then is:. Delete the backup for this iPhone in Device Preferences, then try again. Hi, I have encrypted hard drive OS Extended Journaled, encrypted , and the following command does not work.

OMG had so many issues…David try this http: Hi will this work if im using an airport time capsule as the external hard drive which is connected via my network not through the USB? Hi thanks for the info, how do you back up more than one users iphone on a mac? Hey I try to backup to my external hard disk using this method, but it only works partially. I have created the symlink successfully as per the guide and can properly do a backup of my iPad onto the external drive now without issues as intended. But when I tried to backup by 64gb iPhone it does not work, as iTunes says there is not enough disk space.

There is more than gb on the external, 50gb on the internal disk, while my iPhone is basically full. Hiii, I have tried doing this multiple times!! But it keeps saying operation not permitted. What do I do? I guess once the command line has been run, one could remove terminal access again to leave the Mojave default security feature intact…. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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